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About the School: The aim of the school is to attract the physics and engineering researchers towards the multi-disciplinary field of accelerator physics and technology at the early stage of their career with the access to national and international experts and the advance laboratory facilities and to provide a platform for the scientist to work collectively on the key issues on the leading accelerator program of the country.  This school will cover the full spectrum of subjects related to  accelerators, beam diagnostics, RF systems and application of accelerators in scientific research and technology development. School will offer seminar style description of topics by both international and national subject experts. This school will address basics for the beginners to the start-of-art technology for the advanced  researchers.

Department of Physics IITH: The Department proposes to carry out research in the area of Condensed Matter Physics, High Energy Physics and Optics. In condensed matter physics magnetism, multi-functional materials and devices, semiconductor and DFT methods are some of the areas of interest. In optics Laser-Plasma interaction, ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy are the areas of interest. In High energy physics areas of interests are B Physics, Neutrino Physics, Astro-particle physics, QCD. The Department currently offering B.Tech, M.Sc. and Ph.D program. The department has an excellent teaching  and advanced research laboratories.

                                                       Registration Fee: INR 2500      Registration Deadline: 23rd January, 2019

  Advisory Committee

List of Speakers

  A. K. Mohanty (SINP) S. C. Joshi (RRCAT)
  A. K. Sinha (RRCAT) J. Urakawa (KEK)
  D. Kanjilal (IUAC) M. Kuriki (Hiroshima)
  S. Ghosh (IUAC) S. Kashiwagi (Tohoku)
  J. Urakawa (KEK, Japan) J. Yang (Osaka)
  P. A. Naik (RRCAT) A. Aryshev (KEK)
  P. V. Bhagwat (BARC) A. Deshpande (SAMEER)
  A. Roy (VECC) D. K. Palit (UM-DAE-CEBS)
  R. G. Pillai (TIFR) A. Moorti (RRCAT)
  V. Nanal (TIFR) A. Chakera (RRCAT)
  A. C. Pandey (IUAC) V. Nayak (VECC)
  D. K. Palit (UM-DAE-CEBS) K. K. Pant (RRCAT)
  M. Murakami (Osaka) S. Ghosh (IUAC)
  S. Ranade (SAMEER)
S. Kumar (NCCCM)
  A. Giri (IIT, Hyderabad)

S. Prabhu (TIFR) 

t. ***T. Dixit (SAMEER)
G. Mohanty (TIFR)
Patron: U. B. Desai (Director, IITH)


Department of Physics
IIT Hyderabad, Kandi, Sangareddy, Telangana-502285, India