Experimental Condensed Matter Physics :

Dr. Saket Asthana

Multifunctional oxides ,Colossal Magnetoresistive, Spintronic, Multiferroic and Magnetocaloric Materials; Spin crossover Materials, Molecular bistability and Photomagnetism.

Dr. Prem Pal

MEMS & MicroNano System Lab /Microelectronics technology, MEMS & MicroNano System Lab based bio/chemical and mechanical sensors, Polymer MEMS & MicroNano System Lab , RFMEMS & MicroNano System Lab , Thin films for MEMS & MicroNano System Lab , In-situ observation of semiconductor processes.

Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty

Nanomagnetism, Data Storage, Scanning Probe and X-ray based magnetic imaging, Ferromagnetic semiconductor, Spintronics, Resonant Magnetic scattering, Ultra-fast magnetism and Micromagnetic Simulations.

Dr. J. Suryanarayana

Study of magnetic materials and devices at low temparatures and high magnetic fields, magnetostrictive materials, magnetic nanoparticles/multilayers, mesoscopic physics, solar cells, magnetism in oxides.

Dr. Arabinda Haldar

Magnon spintronics, Nanomagnetic devices, Imaging spin waves at the nanoscale using Brillouin light scattering spectro-microscopy, Ferromagnetic resonance, Thin film nanofabrication (Lithography), Functional magnetic materials.