Ph. D Courses :

Semester I:

Course Code Course Name Credit
 PH7010   Classical Physics 3
 PH7020   Quantum Physics 3

Semester I and II:

Course Code Course Name Credit
 PHXXXX1   Core Electives 6

1Electives can be chosen from any of the offered courses suggested by the Faculty Advisor the batch from the choices of listed electives


Course Code Course Name Credit
 PH7080   Partcile Physics 3
 PH7090   Computational Physics 3
  PH7190   Laser Technology 3
  PH7013   Advanced Optical Instrumentation 3
  PH6140   Quantum Yang Mills Theory 3
  PH3287   Atomic-molecular Physics 1
  PH3338   Photonics and Laser 2
  PH3358   Spectroscopy 2
  PH5167   Experimental Techniques 2
  PH6338   Advanced Functional Materials 2
  PH6138   Plasma Physics and Applications 2
  PH6297   Classical Field Theory 1
  PH6458   Gravitation and Cosmology 2

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