Belle Analysis Workshop 2024
Oct 19th - Oct 23rd, 2024
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
About BAW

The BAW series, started 12 years ago at TIFR Mumbai, aims to foster knowledge exchange among early-career researchers (PhD students, postdocs) and faculty working on the Belle (II) experiment across Indian institutions. Flavour physicists across various institutions come together to bridge the gap between theory and experiment. This year (2024), the Belle II experiment restarted on its goal to record unprecedented e+e- collision data, surpassing its predecessor, the Belle experiment. The participants will gather at IIT Hyderabad to discuss recent results from Belle II and to plan future pathways in consultation with eminent theoreticians.

The workshop offers a structured learning environment:

Mornings: In-depth lectures on the underlying physics relevant to the Belle (II) experiment.

Afternoons: Interactive sessions focused on analysis tools and techniques. Here, students present their ongoing research, including analysis strategies and hardware or software contributions.

A successful track record: We have a history of hosting BAWs at various Indian institutes; see link for details.


  • Dates for the workshop: Oct 19th - Oct 23rd, 2024
  • Worshop timetable: indico page
  • Register for the workshop using this google form link
  • List of participants will be updated soon

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