The Department proposes to carry out research in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics and High Energy Physics.  In condensed matter Physics, magnetism, semiconductors and DFT methods for band structure studies are some of the areas of interest.  Some of the areas of interest in High Energy Physics are B Physics, Neutrino Physics and Astro-particle Physics, Collider Phenomenology, Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics and String Theory. The Department is currently offering Ph.D (Physics) in the areas mentioned above.

The Department has an excellent teaching laboratory for the B.Tech. and M.Sc. Students, with advanced experiments.

Latest News

>> Post doc.position in Dr. Vandana group

>> JRF position in CMP expt: deadline: 26/11/2018

 >> Rolling PhD admissions with own funding

>> 2018 Physics Nobel Prize goes to revolutionary laser research, including the tech behind laser eye surgery which benefited millions

>> Timetable July-Dec 2018

>> Knowledge improvement program for Navodaya PGT Teachers organized by Dr. J. Suryanarayana

>> Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF)

>> Rolling Faculty Advertisement.


Research Highlights

>> Magnetic field remote control for memory devices


>> Remote control of resistive switching in TiO2 based resistive random access memory device (accepted Nature Scientific reports (2017)) by Dwipak Sahu and S. Narayana Jammalamadaka



>> Public Lectures in Science - " Higgs Bosons, Quarks and other exotic beasts." by Prof. Lorenzo Magnea (Univ. of Turin) on 12 Dec 2017.  


>> Laser-plasma accelerators and radiation sources - Prof Dino Jaroszynski

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