High Energy Physics Group


Research Areas

Quantum Field Theory, Particle Phenomenology, Astroparticle Physics, Physics Beyond Standard Model, String Theory/Quantum Gravity.


At the High Energy Physics group we are concerned with some of the fundamental mysteries about origins of matter, energy and space-time. The members of our group have focused their efforts on addressing some intriguing questions such as: What causes the observed overabundance of matter over antimatter, what is dark matter made up of, how do we identify or detect such dark matter particles, how do analytic properties of Feynman Integrals constrain their form at higher orders, can we discover the all order infrared structure of scattering amplitudes of quarks and gluons, how does a quantum space-time emerge, how do singularities such as in black holes and big bang get resolved, can computational complexity/quantum information teach us new things about quantum gravity.

The HEP group is also a part of the NOvA and DUNE Neutrino collaboration at Fermilab, USA; Belle collaboration at KEK, JAPAN.

Faculty Members

Dr. Bandyopadhyay, Priyotosh Physics at the LHC, Higgs Physics, Supersymmetry
Dr. Desai, Shantanu Observational Astrophysics
Prof. Giri, Anjan Kumar B Physics & CP violation, Neutrino Physics
Dr. Hundi, R. Srikanth Supersymmetry Phenomenology
Dr. Sahu, Narendra Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter
Dr. Roy, Shubho ADS CFT, Quantum Gravity
Dr. Tripathi, Anurag Quantum Field Theory, Feynman Loops, Higgs Physics

 PhD Students

Ms. Mishra, Subhasmita
Mr. Nimmala, Narendra
Mr. Sahoo, Nirakar
Ms. Sethi, Itishree
Mr. Behera, Biswaranjan

B.Tech. and M.Sc. Students (Pursuing HEP Projects)

Mr. Ashish Chandra
Mr. Ashish Sharma
Mr. Akash Bagga
Mr. Anish Agashe
Mr. Debobrata Rajak
Ms. Anuprava Mandal
Mr. Suryarao Bethapudi
Mr. Soham Kulkarni

Alumni M.Sc. Students.

Ms. Bhattacharya, Arunima
Ms. Dalal, Shweta
Mr. Khatua, Joydev
Mr. Sarkar, Sambo


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Last updated: May, 2016