For Prospective Ph. D students:

At the HEP group, we are looking for motivated Ph.D students to join us on a range of exciting projects. High Energy Physics is poised on the verge of a revolution with the LHC soon to attain peak energy and luminosity and a whole new generation of cosmological/gravitational experiments coming up. This means we are certain to cross over into unexplored territory, beyond the standard model of particles  (BSM) and the standard model of cosmology, into supersymmetry, dark matter, dark energy, hidden sectors and extra dimensions. At our group, there is scope to do research both in formal aspects of theory (QCD, String Theory) and phenomenology targeting the latest detector/collider searches (BSM, neutrinos, dark matter, Higgs).  To find out more details please visit the individual webpages of the HEP group faculty members.

Specialized elective courses offered by the group faculty to prepare students for research in high energy. Such electives include,

Quantum Field Theory,
Particle Physics,
Group Theory,
General Relativity,
Cosmology etc.

Following the course work, the Ph.D program is focused on full-time research. Students will work closely with their supervisors, and also interact with other members of the HEP group, participating fully in the life of the group including our HEP Journal Clubs and seminars.