Research Equipment Facilities

Sr. No. Name of the equipment Name of FIC Key Features / Capabilities Location Equipment Category
01 MULTIMODAL SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty AFM, MFM, PFM, conducting AFM, variable field and temperature imaging C-101 Microscopy
02 ULTRA-HIGH SENSITIVE MOKE MAGNETOMETER Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty High sensitive MH loop and domain imaging C-103/B Magnetic Characterisation
03 14-INCH TELESCOPE Mayukh Pahari large area; capable of observing faint objects C-707 Telescope
04 PHOTOLUMINESCENCE SPECTROMETER Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi Steady state PL A-716 Spectroscopy
05 XRD Saket Asthana Powder XRD, Structural phase analysis C-108 Crystallography
06 SQUID Saket Asthana Low temperature Magnetization, AC susceptibility C-101 Magnetic Characterisation
07 VIBRATING SAMPLE MAGNETOMETER Suryanarana J M vs H, M vs T, Angle dependent measurements C - 101 Magnetic Characterisation
08 SEM BENCH TOP Saket Asthana Microstructural investigation but not at nanoscale Shed Lab-26 Microscopy