M.Sc in Physics and Medical Physics

M.Sc Physics Program

The Department of Physics is one of the most vibrant centers of learning in the campus. The theme of the department is to broaden the boundaries of research across its undergraduate, post-graduate and research programmes and become an outstanding center for Physics in the next decade. The technological and scientific aptitude that is nourished through contemporary learning methodologies, enable the students to bring significant contribution to industries, research and academia. The M.Sc. Physics Program prepares students well for a career in research or industry.

M.Sc in Medical Physics Program

Medical Physics is a field that applies the principles, techniques, and methods of physics in both research and practical settings to prevent, diagnose, and treat human illnesses with the ultimate aim of enhancing human health and overall quality of life. Upon completion of the program, the student will possess the necessary knowledge of radiological physics principles, radiation biology, radiation safety, regulations, instrumentation, site planning, commissioning of radiation generators, quality control procedures, and clinical studies related to medical physics, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology, among other related fields. The students who complete this program will be qualified to work as "Medical Physicists" or "Radiological physicists" in cancer hospitals. The program requires students to undergo written and oral examinations @ BARC to be eligible to work as Radiological Safety Officer (approved by AERB) after completing the course. Additionally, the program includes a mandatory one-year medical physics and clinical internship at a clinical partner hospital following the successful completion of the course.