Devices which work based on quantum mechanical principles would be of great interest in future technological devices such as communications, spintronics, optoelectronics, semiconducting devices, nanoelectronics and biosciences. On the other hand, worldwide race to harness the power of quantum correlation is underway to build powerful quantum computers for encrypted communications certified by quantum theory. Undoubtedly there is a huge demand of trained professionals who can develop future quantum devices.

M.Tech. in Ophthalmic Engineering

A blended Masters’ degree program through the combined expertise of L V Prasad Eye Institute (in ophthalmic care) and the Indian Institute of Technology - Hyderabad (in engineering and technology). Given the blended nature of this program, both LVPEI and IITH will be actively involved in the training of these students. There will be a Bridging course to help students from different streams. In general, the program will contain 4 semesters of training, with 2 semesters worth of coursework and 2 semesters worth of research projects. In the coursework, training related to ophthalmic care and vision science will be taught by LVPEI and those related to engineering and technology will be taught by IITH.