Faculty Members

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Prem Pal

Professor & Head of the Department

Office: Academic Block -A, 410

Phone: 040 2301 6704

Email: prem@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: MEMS & MicroNano System /Microelectronics technology, MEMS & MicroNano System based bio/chemical and mechanical sensors, Polymer MEMS & MicroNano System , RFMEMS & MicroNano System , Thin films for MEMS & MicroNano System , In-situ observation of semiconductor processes.

Alok Kumar Pan

Associate Professor

Office: Academic Block -C, 113/E

Phone: Phone number not assigned.

Email: akp@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Quantum information theory, Quantum communication, Quantum foundations, Quantum cryptography and Quantum Metrology.

Anjan Kumar Giri


Office: Academic Block -A, 407

Phone: 040 2301 6701

Email: giria@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Understanding the baryon asymmetry of the Universe and to decipher the signals of new physics (BSM) using flavour physics and neutrino physics.

Anupam Gupta

Assistant Professor

Office: C-208/D

Phone: 040 2301 6719

Email: agupta@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Soft-matter, Biophysics, Complex Systems, Fluid Turbulence.

Anurag Tripathi

Associate Professor

Office: B-Block, 415

Phone: 040 2301 6713

Email: tripathi@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Theoretical Particle Physics. Perturbative QCD. Feynman Loop Integral Calculations. Soft and Collinear QCD Resummation. Higgs Phenomenology.

Arabinda Haldar

Associate Professor

Office: B-Block, 409

Phone: 040 2301 6717

Email: arabinda@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Magnon spintronics, Nanomagnetic devices, Imaging spin waves at the nanoscale using Brillouin light scattering spectro-microscopy, Ferromagnetic resonance, Thin film nanofabrication (Lithography), Functional magnetic materials.

Archak Purkayastha

Assistant Professor

Office: Will be updated soon...

Phone: Will be updated soon...

Email: archak.p@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Non-equilibrium quantum statistical physics, specifically in the theory of driven dissipative quantum many-body systems, having strong overlaps with quantum condensed matter, chemistry, information and thermodynamics.

Atanu Rajak

Assistant Professor

Office: C-Block, 208F

Phone: Will be updated soon...

Email: atanu@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Non-equilibrium many-body physics: quenching and Floquet theory, Quantum phase transitions, quantum information and topological phases

Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna

Associate Professor

Office: B-Block, 318

Phone: 040 2301 6712

Email: bhuvan@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Intense Laser Plasma Interaction, Table top accelerators, Nuclear Fusion with Lasers , proton beam therapy.

Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty


Office: B-Block, 216

Phone: 040 2301 6709

Email: jmohanty@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Nanomagnetism, Data Storage,Scanning Probe and X-ray based magnetic imaging,Ferromagnetic semiconductor, Spintronics, Resonant Magnetic scattering, Ultra-fast magnetism and Micromagnetic Simulations.

Kanchana. V


Office: Academic Block -A, 105

Phone: 040 2301 6702

Email: kanchana@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Computational Condensed matter physics, Topological materials, Magnetism and superconductivity, Energy Harvesting materials, Spintronic application

Kirit Makwana

Assistant Professor

Office: C-Block, 213-A

Phone: 040 2301 6721

Email: kdmakwana@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Basic plasma physics, space plasmas, plasma astrophysics, magnetic reconnection, plasma turbulence, and numerical simulations.

Mahesh Peddigari

Assistant Professor

Office: 216, Chemistry building

Phone: Phone number is not assigned.

Email: mahesh.p@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Relaxor ferroelectrics, Magnetoelectrics, Vibration and magnetic field energy harvesting, and Multifunctional ceramic thin/thick films.

Manish K. Niranjan


Office: C-Block, 516

Phone: 040 2301 6705

Email: manish@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Theoretical condenced matter physics, Computational materials science, Semiconductor heterostructures, Oxide materials and heterostructures, Electron transport in nanostructures.

Mayukh Pahari

Assistant Professor

Office: C-Block, 308/C

Phone: 040 2301 6722

Email: mayukh@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Black Hole Astrophysics, UV/optical/X-ray Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei, Relativistic Simulations.

Narendra Sahu


Office: C-Block, 402

Phone: 040 2301 6706

Email: nsahu@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Beyond SM physics, Model building (Neutrino Physics and dark matter), Leptogenesis , Direct, Indirect and Collider Search of Dark Matter.

Nithyanandan Kanagaraj

Assistant Professor

Office: C-Block, 313

Phone: 040 2301 6723

Email: nithyan@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Theoretical and experimental aspects of Ultrafast Optics and Fiber lasers, Machine learning in (Smart) Photonic systems, Photonic computing, Nonlinear Dynamics & Integrable Systems, Fiber Optics Communication and Signal Processing.

Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor

Office: B-Block, 506

Phone: 040 2301 6716

Email: bpriyo@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Physics at the LHC, Higgs physics, Supersymmetry.

Raghavendra Srikanth Hundi

Associate Professor

Office: C-Block, 536

Phone: 040 2301 6710

Email: rshundi@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Particle physics phenomenology, Beyond standard model, Neutrino masses.

Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi


Office: B-Block, 301

Phone: 040 2301 6711

Email: sskraavi@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics, Organic Photonics (OLEDs, Detectors) and Organics Photovoltaics (BHJ, Perovskite, DSSC).

Saket Asthana


Office: Academic Block -A, 606

Phone: 040 2301 6703

Email: asthanas@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Multifunctional oxides, Colossal Magnetoresistive, Spintronic, Multiferroic and Magnetocaloric Materials; Spin crossover Materials, Molecular bistability and Photomagnetism.

Saranya Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Office: Academic Block -C, 312/A

Phone: Phone number is not assigned.

Email: saranya.ghosh@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Experimental high energy physics, particularly on topics such as Higgs physics, the search for new particles associated with physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics and particle detector R&D. Actively working on the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC.

Saurabh Sandilya

Assistant Professor

Office: B-Block, 411

Phone: 040 2301 6720

Email: saurabh@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Search for new physics in the rare decays of B-mesons, Development of High Energy Physics Detectors, Member of Belle and Belle II Collaborations.

Shantanu Desai


Office: C-Block, 414

Phone: 040 2301 6715

Email: shantanud@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Cosmology, Galaxy Clusters, Pulsar Timing, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Astrostatistics, Data Mining.

Shinde Satish Laxman

Assistant Professor

Office: C block - 113/F

Phone: Phone number is not assigned.

Email: shindesl@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Nanophotonics, Energy materials, Photothermal energy harvesting and Photocatalysis.

Shubho R. Roy

Associate Professor

Office: C-Block, 533

Phone: 040 2301 6714

Email: sroy@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Holographic reconstruction of gravity from gauge theory (Gauge-Gravity duality or AdS/CFT), Quantum Aspects of Black holes using D-branes (Matrix theory), 2+1 dimensional gravity, higher spin gravity, Dynamics of non-abelian charged fluids (QGP).

Suryanarayana Jammalamadaka


Office: C-Block, 513

Phone: 040 2301 6708

Email: surya@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Magnetic materials, Device physics, Spintronics, Micromagnetic simulations, Data storage, Non volatile memories & Neuromorphic computing.

Vandana Sharma

Associate Professor

Office: C-Block, 432

Phone: 040 2301 6707

Email: vsharma@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics using a combination of Ultrashort laser pulses and Cold Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy.

Yogesh Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor

Office: Academic Block - A, 718 G

Phone: To be updated soon...

Email: yogesh.srivastava@phy.iith.ac.in

Area of Research: Terahertz spectroscopy, active/passive metamaterials, ultrafast quantum photonic devices and superconductors.

Adjunct Professors

Adekunle Olusola Adeyeye

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research: Nanotechnology & Spintronics, Magnonics and Spin Wave Devices, Magnetic Biosensors, Advanced Nanofabrication Techniques, Functional Nanomaterials for Spintronic Applications

Eric Laenen

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research: Theoretical particle physics at colliders, perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, the phenomenology of the Standard Model, Higgs physics and beyond the Standard Model searches.

Eung Jin Chun

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research: Eung Jin Chun's research focuses on theories beyond the Standard Model. He has been working on superstring and supersymmetry phenomenology, and more recently on neutrino and dark matter properties to search for the fundamental theory in connection with cosmological and astrophysical observations, and collider experiments like LHC.

Karim Trabelsi

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research: Flavor physics, CP violation, rare decays, tau physics

Mariana Frank

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research:

Soumya Mohanty

Adjunct Professor




Area of Research: Gravitational waves, Data Analysis, High Performance Computing